Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cat Cowl Neck Hoodie in 30 Minutes!

[As you all can see, I finally got the batteries =D Proceeding...]

I've found these shirts at Walmart in September while trying to find materials for my Cheshire Cat costume. I literally have bent backwards trying to find the shirts, fabric, etc, for soooooo long that I started liking everything pink and purple!! I wasn't used to NOT looking for materials anymore after I found a dress from Goodwill before October.... [yes, I was planning my Halloween costumes in August, and haven't rested ever since until I found what I was looking for] Anyhoo, I bought 2 shirts so that I can make an extra hoodie to sell if I needed to. The Goodwill dress was THE perfect stripey pink and purple for my Disney rendition of the Cheshire Cat [favorite one, mind you, though bigger stripes were really what I was looking for....] and this one was going to be an extra when I had the chance to make it and advertise it around..

Thing is, I never made it after I made the 7 costumes .___. I did, however, just make it 2 days ago when I was in bit of a rush and preparing for a day out with a bud. I guess the fact that I was in a rush was how I made this Cheshire Cat cowl hoodie in about 30 minutes or less. Actually, one of my most simplest recons yet, and it only required the 2 shirts, ol' trusty Adalia, and motivation to hurry the hell up and make this sweater already!!!

 And with those ingredients, I built the ultimate product: Cowl hoodie with adorable cat ears. Of course, the colors I've chosen and have modeled are that of the Cheshire Cat, but if I'm to make one for you, it doesn't necessarily have to be the pink and purple. Everyone knows I'm a Wonderland freak and if you want, you can either have stripes or solid color. If you want this particular hoodie or one made like this in your size, it's $28.

Happy 2012!!

Rockin' the new haircut and those loverly glasses to match..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This One's Not About Clothes.... but umm... Welcome Back?

GUYS!!!! How has it been?!?!?!! =D Too long, I know... =|

Well, lemme break it down for ya ._.
My place of employment

I'm po'.

My life has gotten pretty hectic since the last I posted, [IN JULY -__-] and this glamorous paying job I have currently isn't actually what I'd thought [not that it's necessarily a bad thing... but...]. I've also been running short on money and supplies, despite the fact I'm working like an Egyptian slave and not making enough money.

I have been sewing since then, yes, and I did say that the Mighty T-shirt Challenge was also gonna sneak up on everyone, but alas..... it's been way too long for everyone to keep anticipating, so here I am back to tell you guys that I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so soooo sorry I got your hopes up TT___TT it really kills me inside =[ The good news is that since I've been keeping my weekly schedules so jam packed, that it's been helping me focus a little more on getting this started back again from that 5-month hiatus [and the fact that I am STILL in dire need of extra income-- or steady income, to be very blunt and honest]

Current hair color.. teehee!
I have done 4 custom made items so far since July, and have also gathered material and sewn and crafted new accessories. I even had an AWESOME time creating costumes for myself for Halloween, since I could dress up at work for the whole week. I did, however, have plans to do a photoshoot for all 6 of them, but time started catching up with me and the people involved weren't reliable [This is seriously why I'm on my own all the time!!], and they and myself were very short of resources and supplies.. FAIL. That won't stop me, though, because for the Mighty T-shirt Challenge AND the "Halloween on a Budget" were gonna be done either at home or my place of choice and of course, by my lonesome.

'Cheers' pillowcase top
The Mighty T-shirt Challenge was also meant for me to work on a shirt day to day, but I didn't accomplish that either, so I'm quite disappointed. I will take pictures of those I recreated so far, and plan a new T-shirt Challenge when I get enough funds. I'm also disappointed, but should've expected, that my rechargeable batteries to my camera were going to die soon enough. Since the Uproar Festival in September at the Woodlands, they haven't been able to hold a single charge. Everytime I'd try to get more batteries, the money would be spent on a bill or necessities [food, gas for Emmy, and minor supplies for Glam Rock] Yes, welcome to the real world, Kels -_-' So hopefully I will get on that battery problem soon. [btw: if you're wondering why couldn't I just take pictures of my creations via phone, my phone's camera sucks mejor huevos and the lighting at home is pretty dim. Sorry]

Half-n-Half lace tube top and studded choker ^^
The past 5 months haven't been my friend, but I'm slowly rising from the creative rut I've had and looking forward to newer and better stuff to create for me and Glam Rock. Yes, life has been trying to keep me down in the dumps and I have fought off sickness, money issues, employment, friend issues, determining true/fake friends, slowly coming into the dating scene again and quickly leaving back out -__-, emotional strife and drainage, Jeep maintenance and issues, family issues, time at home, my failed 21st birthday, and light depression many times in this span, and I arise from the depths of it all!! Ya know, the stuff adults go through. So, since I have some time this week, I can fersure get the word out about Glam Rock, and start bringing on the creations and new changes to this blog!! I am really looking forward to showing off the new creations and new ideas, and getting clientele for this business. And with the holidays around the corner, it shouldn't be too bad, right??

SOOOOOO looking forward to another new start in another almost successful year with Glam Rock Glory Days ♥

Thursday, July 7, 2011


As I've announced plenty of times, the Mighty T-shirt Challenge WILL be in effect. I've even hired some help ^^ Now, I know what you all keep asking: "What the hell is a Mighty T-shirt Challenge?" or "Can you explain to me what that is, please??" Well, sirs and madames, I will kindly explain. (I've actually been waiting for this chance forever! XD)

(Since I won't be having my netbook for a while *cough cough because I dropped it cough cough* I won't be able to show you pictures of the progress. I'll let y'all know when I'm up and running good again.)

Now, the Mighty T-shirt Challenge is my first annual challenge. I need a budget of under $5 per shirt, and a shirt a day for either a week or month. YOU DECIDE!! I'm still not steady and stable on my plans yet, and financial woes (i.e. my netbook being broken, starting a new job, Jeep maintenance, etc.) keep setting my plans back further. So, of course, day by day or at the end of the challenge, I'll show you all many many ideas my partners in crime & I can come up with just only T-SHIRTS!! We'll be able to show you what you can do and how you can transform a regular tee into something new and awesome. And as you've already seen in my past blogs, you'll know what I'm talking about. But of course, this brain of mine has all sorts of ideas to throw around, including no-sew, cut-up, handsew, the regular ol' work from my trusty machine Adalia, and more.

I am welcome to invite fellow helpers and creators on board with my challenge. So far, Kristen Diaz is on board with me (sorry, I don't have a piccie yet, will do soon ^^) and we'll be swapping ideas. So if you'd like to be a part, you know what to do: contact me via email or facebook, and I'll set ya up with your name on the blogs and you'll take full credit of all ideas you submit or create.

So be on the lookout for the MIGHTY T-SHIRT CHALLENGE!!!!! It'll sneak up on ya; I guarantee it ;]

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Future Cosplays!

So, I've been gathering together some ideas, because I want to promote Glam Rock even more, and especially at anime conventions. As a fellow otaku and con-goer, I love to cosplay, but believe it or not, I haven't had all the materials to make my cosplays. I've gotten away with wearing 3 cosplays of my own (i.e. Alice, the steampunk/burlesque, and the tutu lolita) and making/altering 2 costumes for other people (Chii from Chobits, and Maid-sama), but I still haven't made any cosplays that I wanted from different anime that I love. But that's all going to change soon, and since I'm going to be attending more cons, and promoting/advertising Glam Rock, I need to step up my game and recon and create my ass off!!

Below is a list of my fave anime, and my "Cosplay Wishlist". Enjoy!

Lilith: Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito--

I was thinking of trying to get out my comfort zone and pull this look off. I believe I can, and it has a bit of a classy yet edgy side to it. (basically, all my cosplays are gonna be edgy. That's who I am, of course) So knowing that when I decide to make Lilith, I really have to hike up that skirt and show the con who's boss. It'll take me years to make that hat though (no, I'm lying). She's fairly easy to make and I don't think I'll have any trouble showing off this cosplay at an upcoming con. I just gotta knock this shyness outta the way >.<

Rapidash: Pokemon--

Now, I've already made the cosplay for this yesterday, and might I add, that it looks nice (pictures at the end of the post)! Pokemon cosplays actually require you to use your own imagination of how you would look like if you were your favorite Pokemon. I really did put alot of kick into my costume, but artistic elegance that makes me just as majestic as this powerful, fiery unicorn. My look ended up very artsy, and go-go/raver like. I'm a big fan of fire-types, but Zebstrika is a new favorite. I think I might go ahead and add it to this list too, because I think I can totally pull off Zebstrika's electric feel: a synth-goth/raver look for it.

There are a few more Pokemon I want to try out.

Haruhi Gothic Lolita dress-- For this dress, I was just gonna probably go Lolita instead of being Haruhi. I think it's optional, how about you? Now this dress I can totally pull of with my stripey stockings and I know when I attempt to make this dress, the first try won't be any kinds of perfect. It'll take me days to  make it, though I know I can handle it because I handled the challenge of making that Maid-sama costume for Linda. Now, lemme tell ya, THAT was a bunch of cursing and struggling for that to actually look good, so this would be the same, but twice as worse. But hey, everything in life is, and especially designing. Not everything is easy and to promote Glam Rock, I've gotta put in some badass Lolita work.

I remember this maid!! This was an idea I was trying to score for my dear friend Roxana ♥ She wanted to be a maid for Halloween/Oni-con this year, and she wanted it to have a Goth-loli feel to it. So, why not be a maid, Kels? Probably not this exact one, but something similar, and I'll leave this for Roxy ^^ This seems fairly easy to make, btw.

Haruhi Bunny Girl: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya--

This one was another cosplay to where I'd have to leave my comfort zone and try something new and exciting, and will also turn heads. I love when she wore this just to perform "God Knows" with her band ENOZ. Now, the thing about this costume is that I actually started on it looooooong time ago, but I never finished. I've got ALL the components of the Bunny Girl: I made the collar and bowtie, the cuffs, bought the ears from Hot Topic, got the yellow ribbons, the high-heel Mary Janes, fishnets, and even found a fluffy tail from my cousins' old Easter baskets. BUUUUT, I don't have the suit. I've attempted twice at making the suit and I failed. Why? I didn't do a good pattern. So I found one online, and voilaaaa, I should be good to go! I just need new black fabric now -_-'

Short kimono-- Inspiration to make this was from one single girl at Hermann Park getting ready to go to the Japanese Garden for a photo shoot. Her kimono was very much like this one, but black, gold, and white, and was very Goth-loli, especially with her socks and shoes to match with it. Ohhhh, the best. So what I wanted to do was to get my kimono pattern and make one with my fave colors, purple and black, and with my handmade black and white tutu underneath to make the kimono really pop out. I'd have to create an under skirt for it, and add the tutu under that for this effect you see before you now (but a little bit poofier). Genius!! XD

Meiko Sakine: Vocaloid-- Yes, everyone does their Miku and Neru and Lin and Rin cosplays, but of course, me being so hipster, I wanted to do someone not as popular (but should be; she's too cute!). Meiko is my choice, and I like her voice on some songs. This cosplay seems kinda easy to make.

Meroko Yui: Full Moon wo Sagashite--

I know I can easily make Meroko (black version) because I already have the top hat, gloves, boots, and garterbelt =D Alls I need is to make her top and skirt, and get the ears and socks. Simple, right? I have my wings tattoos on my back, so I guess wings are optional. 

Nagisa Aoi: Strawberry Panic--

Now, just like Lolita dresses, this one should be a challenge too. I just know that I need assloads of tulle for the petticoat underneath the uniform (YES, this is their St. Miatre school uniform). I do love this cosplay because it is so 'Lolita-esque'. And I love ties. I just do. Ties are awesome, so incorporating a tie in the cosplay is just way awesome. (Besides, I know I haven't mentioned anything about wigs throughout this whole list, but yes, I will search for the wigs or get my mom to do them.) I think Nagisa's hair is toooooo adorable, so I think I can pull her off.

Nana Oosaki: NANA--

I love the story for this anime, and I, of course, am like the main character, Nana. So this cosplay wouldn't really require much work or designing in the first place. If anything, I'd just have to find a wig.... and that bitchin hat! (Hey, the hat is optional, so I just want it just because) I do normally dress this way, so yes, Nana would have to be donned 'the easiest cosplay ever'.

There's the other Nana, Nana Komatsu, but she's the sweet, girly one. Maybe I can find someone to cosplay as her. It'll be a plus if I get my counterpart..

And there's also Nana's boyfriend Ren. You think I should get someone to cosplay as him? ^^

Roxy Richter: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World--

(technically a manga) Yes, I wanna be one of the evil exes. I seriously am in love with that hoodie of hers. I can totally pull this look off, and very easily. I have some extra fishnets I can rip apart and I wanna make that hoodie, just to wear anywhere, but most importantly to cosplay as Roxy. But I really want to search for that belt O.O

Anarchy Angel Stocking: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt--

Yes, this one, as well, should be a challenge for me, but I know I can knock it out. The top is fairly easy, and I have to get craploads of tulle (Gaaahhhh I heart tulle so much XD) for the petticoat, and I know I'll be stitching together the stripes in the skirt and stockings. I do have to find some silver bangles and those shoes.... damn, those shoes. Walking around a con in heels is already hell, so I can just find some shoes with a low heel. This anime here actually influenced my decision of getting my chibi wings tattoos (don'tcha see them?) Well, I did choose Stocking instead of Panty because she's the Goth-loli one, and her angel form is much cuter (and I like silver better than gold). But I have the boobs for Panty's angel form.. Hmm, I can make something work out.

There are actually some choices I wanna try out with Stocking other than the angel form, like the apocalyptic police one in the episode where there was an outbreak of zombies and they were apparently in Raccoon City, but it was the work of Scanty and Kneesocks.

I also want to try out her standard form, but with a different Lolita dress. And there seems to be boy versions of Stocking. I shall see which lucky guy gets to cosplay as boy Stocking   (or if they even want to)

TinierMe Commissions-- I saw this idea long time ago, and don't wanna steal anyone's thunder..... but I thought this would be absolutely AMAZING to cosplay. I can totally make that coat and pull off this look. I have the top hat, the skirt (or make a new box pleat skirt. I wanna practice pleating =]), the stockings, the Mary Janes, and I can make the bat wings, and shop for a tall umbrella I can parade around in..... then again, I have to make that swirly handle, and I don't think I know how to go about doing that.... so I guess I'll just leave the handle out?

Tsukasa Hiiragi cheerleader: Lucky Star-- Yeah, the twin with the short hair. I've actually made the headband, but never started making the costume. I have my materials already, so I can make her at any time. Oh oh, and guess what? I already have her wig! My little cousins got the wig from a friend, so they gave it to me, and now I just have to wash and de-tangle that mess. Besides, this is another costume going out of my element and I looove purple! But yeah, cheerleaders..... I was never really fond of cheerleaders, but I actually like this costume, and it'll give me a chance to practice some box pleating.

So, there you have it, my list of awesomeness ^w^ If/whenever I come up with more or newer cosplay ideas, I'll be sure to update this post. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled and be on the lookout for my results once I try these costumes out =]

Oh, and I told you guys about my attempt at a raver Rapidash costume at the end, so here you go.

Now, I have some cut up stockings for it, so the costume is even cooler. I'll be showing this off at Comicpalooza, so be on the lookout for me, if you guys are already attending this year.

Enjoy!! ~

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gray and Black Good Times!!

Hello all, and I haven't been posting alot, because I've been busy with just waaaaay too much drama, school, and other things in life. Welp, this starving artist/broke college student is off for summer break, and looking for a second job. At the same time, I'm gonna be back and in action with more goodies for Glam Rock ♥ So.... lemme start you guys off with some gray and black goodies that I'm gonna come up with during the summer, so time to break out your tanks and tube tops, and get stylish with summer fashion with a winter drab.

Sweetheart halter: from an XL tee. Didn't take long to make, and I did paint the Glam Rock Glory Days logo, and will post pics of that soon >.< sorry..

I know you're digging the tatts ;] (Spring Break victory gift to myself =D) If you want this one or an L or XL graphic or plain shirt altered, it'll be $15. To paint a logo or phrase afterwards would be $5 extra. (Tatts not included.... jkjk)

Newspaper Print Sweetheart tube dress w/ pockets!: from a long skirt and newspaper fabric. (straps not included) I call this, the Punk Sundress. I love it so, and it has POCKETS!! I love pockets.

If you want this dress or another (I actually have enough fabric for this dress =D), with or without straps is $25.

I should have more pictures soon, because I'm currently working on more gray and black themed awesomeness. Be on the lookout ;]